Spinal cord injury can be one of the most devastating injuries that one can encounter given the multitude of systems in the body that are involved, including interalia motor, sensory, urogenital, parasympathetics and functional.Rehabilitation has to be of long term duration and the focus is preventative to avoid structures from weakening and contracting, rehabilitative to help with compensation and adaptation to motor loss and maintenance in nature to ensure that there is no further regression in muscle strength.Rehabilitation can be frustrating as outcomes are not achieved instantly and rather outcomes of some goals and muscle recovery can take months to years.

It is important to perservere and to keep in mind short term goals with your therapist…. And by doing so there will be benefits of improved functional capacity.Follow the success of mark charlesworth, a very determined and strong willed man, who sustained a cervical neck injury and had no movement of the entire body and limbs. Within 7 years he has succeeded in making tremendous recovery as he is walking with a walking frame and regained almost full return of hand function.He literally dedicated 4 hours of rehabilitation per day post immobilization phase to date to improve his condition. He has been generous enough to start a charity fund (55o steps) and to raise funds he has walked up kzn’s moses mabidha stadium arch of 550 steps on 13th may 2012!!!!

Support his cause on www.550steps.Co.Za