Our hands can destroy , tear down, break, smash and hunt. Hands can cause alot of destruction . Hnads can destroy homes an dlives.

On the flip side our hands can love, build and restore

At Niki Singh Occupational Therapy let us help you build .

Logo Hands

The symbol of the hand is interreted as embodiment of strenght , help, protection, power or authority. The image of the palm can symbolize order, vitality and genoristy . A hand can be associated with aspiartion, authority , and diginity creation and skill. The general meaning of thr logo means openness , friendship, hospitality or genoristy. In our oractice we practice all these qualities. Contact us for an amazing experience

Young Hands

Once Babies discover their hands and start to figure out how they work a world of learning awaits . When it comes to milestones , walking gets the most most of the fan fare . But mastering fine motor skills is no feat. Whereas learning to crawl or run calls boundless energry, learning to pick up diced peach or  abutton a shirt requires a larger supply of mental energy. We love to help your young one if they they need help with any motors skills


People with the nautural ability to work well with their hands tend to possess exceptional fine motor skills , which is the coordination of small muscles usually in the hands and fingers. These skills are what enabled homo sapiens thousands of years ago to dominate the natural world and included teh crafting of stone tools and the predictable creation of fire.

Dancing hands

The hands of the dancer are no exception , in fact because the hands(just like the feet) are responsible for finishing the line of the body , they are incredibly influential in creating the ideal shape that dancers aspire to.

Don’t let pain or injury stop you from moving to the music of the world. Book an appointment with us to help you get back to your rhythm.