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There are 4 main areas of therapy are offered at "Niki Singh Occupational Therapist Inc" Practice

1) Physical Rehabilitation

This refers to the assessment, treatment and management of patients that present with a physical disability. These patients require rehabilitation to help them cope living with the physical dysfunction. The aim is to improve the patients’ level of independence. The occupational therapist provides patients with strategies and new methods of executing their activities of daily living, as well as assisting with the provision of assistive devices. Physical rehabilitation is also inclusive of helping a patient to improve various physical components such as range of motion, muscle strength, sensation, balance and other areas.

  1. CVA: Cerebro-vascular accidents. E.g. encouraging tone and mobilisation of an immobile limb of a stroke patient.
  2. TBI: Traumatic brain injury. Where the primary goal is to rehabilitate to integrate them into their everyday tasks and life roles.
  3. Spinal cord injury: Therapy focuses on helping patients and their caregivers cope with limited mobility, acquisition of assistive devices, improving range of motion and sensation.
  4. Neuropathies: Involves treatment of conditions causing loss of motion. E.g. Guillan Bare Syndrome, Myastina Gravis, Motor Neuron disease and Multiple Sclerosis.


2) Hand Rehabilitation

Hand rehabilitation is a field in occupational therapy that focuses on the rehabilitation of the hand after any injury. Hand therapy encompasses the assessment and treatment of any orthopaedic condition, trauma to the hand, congenital abnormality or disease process that may affect the hand. The treatment modalities utilised are varied and extensive and incorporates splints, pressure or compression garments as well as various therapeutic games and equipment.

  1. Crush Injury: Therapeutic intervention involves splintage, oedema and mobilisation of the injured and unaffected parts to optimise hand function.
  2. Tendon Injury: A guided mobilisation routine is offered 48 hours post injury until 6-8 weeks of the tendon healing.
  3. Fractures: Fracture bracing of the affected areas as well as mobilisation of affected and unaffected areas. Splints and oedema management will be utilised if required.
  4. Peripheral nerve injuries: Rehabilitation of the hand for optimal movement, sensory re-education and function. The focus is to ensure the resumption of daily activities and functions.




3) Paediatrics

"Niki Singh Occupational Therapist" treats all babies and children with any physical dysfunction that may occur due to injury, illness or disability. Therapy focuses on construction of soft or thermoplastic splints to help with positioning of the affected limb as well as use of neurodevelopmental techniques and play therapy to help the babies or children attain better movement. Where indicated stimulation of visual perceptual and cognition is also done to help with age appropriate development. The practice does not deal with children that present with learning disabilities and attention deficit and are referred to other therapists in the Glenwood and Overport areas.


4) Assessments

Occupational Therapy deals with function and is primarily concerned with ascertaining if a person is able to cope in their various roles and tasks following any physical or cognitive dysfunction. The occupational therapist will assess an individual’s ability to perform self care, domestic, community and leisure tasks, as well as comment on how the disease or injury affects the physical ability. Furthermore with regard to adults the focus is to assess the ability to resume work. Recommendations are made to help an individual decide what strengths he /she have after an injury, illness or disability and what their employability will be.



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