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About Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps people to gain a level of independence in their daily activities, tasks and life roles after having had any injury, illness or disability. Occupational Therapy helps a person to recover from any physical, developmental or emotional conditions and helps the individual to compensate when having to deal with loss of function. The therapist assesses and treats a person and helps them to cope in all their spheres in life for self care, home, domestic, work and leisure aspects.


Niki Singh Occupational Therapist Practice

Niki Singh Occupational Therapist Practice opened on 1st December 2008. It commenced with inpatient therapy work at Netcare St Augustines Hospital. The focus was physical and hand rehabilitation of both adults and children. Niki Singh Occupational Therapist Practice continues to incorporate both inpatient therapy as well as outpatient therapy to its patients and clients, so that Occupataional Therapy is more accessible for the patients..

The in-patient division is predominantly at Netcare St Augustines Hospital in Glenwood;  Netcare Parklands Hospital in Overport; Lenmed NuShifa Hospital in Sydenham. 

The outpatient therapy division of "Niki Singh Occupational Therapy Inc " is based at 7 Halpin Avenue, Reservoir Hills/ Westvile, Durban. It focuses on all acute and chronic conditions that require either hand rehabilitation or physical rehabilitation. This includes treatment of all people of all ages from neonatal to geriatrics.

Note that the practice unfortunately does not provide therapy for patients with psychiatric conditions as well as children with learning disabilities and attention disorders. Patients will be referred to appropriate therapists practising in those fields.


Brief CV


A keen interest was always fostered in hand rehabilitation. Niki Singh has with involvement in professional organisations:


Organisations Involvement by Niki Singh:

Talks at various forums (professional and public) have been presented. These include talks at: SASHT, SASSH, UKZN O.T Department, journal clubs, schools, senior citizen groups and Netcare medical staff. 



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